BCオール都道府県人会主催「お国自慢 – I ❤️ MY HOMETOWN」No.8 高知編

 今年からZOOM配信を始めた 「お国自慢 – I ❤️ MY HOMETOWN」 第8回 高知編 のご案内です。



申込: 無料
日時:2021年11月27日(土)7:00pm-8:00pm PST (BC Time)
お問い合わせは「お国自慢 – I ❤️ MY HOMETOWN」bc.japan.event@gmail.com までお願いします。

The 8th installment of the ongoing Zoom presentation “Okuni Jiman – I ❤️ MY HOMETOWN” will feature Kochi in Shikoku Island.The main presenter Hiro is a YouTuber who lived in Calgary as a young adult. He will introduce his hometown of Kochi Prefecture with the staff and students of his “juku” school. There will be live reporting from different locations, and the organizing committee members are looking forward to seeing how it will all turn out!The presentation will be conducted in both English and Japanese as much as possible, and we look forward to having Canadians who want to know more about local Japan and Japanese wanting to rediscover their country of birth.

This is a free event open to anyone interested.

Date and Time: 27 Nov (Sat) 2021 7:00pm-8;00pm PST (BC Time)
Registration: Please click on the link below:
For details, please contact the Okuni Jiman –bc.japan.event@gmail.com

「お国自慢 – I ❤️ MY HOMETOWN」
実行委員会 代表 渡辺 雅之 
Contact:   Mas Watanabe
cell (778)320-4533      
bc.japan.event@gmail.com (メールアドレスが変わりました)